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Lessons take place in a dedicated music room, facilities include 24 track digital recorder, a computer equipped with Cubase LE6 sequencer software, PowerTab, Tux Guitar and Guitar Pro transcription software, a wide variety of instruments including drums, bass, keyboards, steel- and nylon- strung acoustic and a variety of electric guitars, TV and DVD player and basic repair facilities. Lessons are generally one-on-one, although parents are welcome to sit in (often recommended for younger students).

I also offer remote lessons via Skype and HD webcam. Skype is a free to download utility that allows for video conferencing using webcams and is perfect for those struggling with transport!

Lesson prices are £24 per hour, £14 for half an hour (recommended for younger students) or £18 for 45 minutes.

Each student is an individual, with their own musical goals and influences, and as a teacher I view my job as instilling the skills necessary to help you, the student, reach those goals.

However, it's not as simple as sitting down on the first day and running through a transription of "Stairway To Heaven" or "Through The Fire & Flames"- there are some core skills needed to be a good all round musician.

The basics I ensure every student becomes familiar with include:

Knowledge of basic open major & minor chords

Understanding of movable barre chords & power chords

Understanding basics of improvisation using major, minor and pentatonic scales

Ability to interpret tablature, rhythm and chord charts so to effectively communicate with other players

Ability to pick out basic rhythms, chord sequences and melodies by ear

To this end I use a mixture of technique orientated exercises and songs (including student suggestions) to demostrate these techniques, ranging from The Beatles to Hendrix to AC/DC to Nirvana and the Kings Of Leon. This list is always evolving and I make a point of tailoring each lesson to the individual student. My teaching style incorporates elements of Simultaneous Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in order to help students develop a deeper, more fundamental understanding of the instrument and to enhance their ability to internalise music, developing the "ear" for music.

I cover rock, blues, pop, funk, country, jazz, acoustic and classical styles.

ZERO POINT GUITAR - Now in it's second edition, upgraded with new and better graphics- still THE complete guide to becoming a complete all-round guitar player, all the way from holding the guitar through basic chords and rhythm skills all the way to blues and rock soloing, improvisation, USEFUL theory and how to figure out songs by ear. Essential stuff and the perfect companion guide to my lessons.







Progressive Guitar Training Pt.1 - Pentatonics - An exhaustive study of the most popular scale used by rock guitarists. Topics covered include diagonal and horizontal pentatonics and superimposition to create subtle modal sounds from everyone's favourite five notes! £3.99


Progressive Guitar Training Pt.2 -Major Scale & Modes

- A thorough but accessible study of the major scale and modes, demystifying a subject that many guitar players shy away from - enhance your playing today!



Interval Recognition Lesson - First stage ear training, this is a must to help develop your ear for music. Contains audio clips and instructional PDF. ZIP file format



Pentatonic Power Lesson - A lesson in how to get the best out of the simple scales and chord progressions already at your fingertips. Contains backing track and audio clips, as well as instructional PDF. ZIP file format



Print copies available on Amazon and Lulu


Q: Do you offer grades?

A: Yes, with both Rockschool and RGT exam boards for electric, acoustic and bass guitar as well as popular piano / keyboards, and Trinity College for classical guitar. I have 100% pass record amongst my students.

Q: Do I need to read music?

A: Not necessarily- many successful guitarists are poor readers. Mostly I teach my students how to read a chord chart, how to read rhythm and interpret tablature. However for specialised disciplines like classical and jazz I teach students how to read standard music notation

Q: Do I need to buy any books?

A: My lesson plans are self contained so there is need to buy any extra books. However for students looking for a companion guide for lessons I would recommend my own Zero Point Guitar and Progressive Guitar Training manuals available in the shop

Q: Do I need my own guitar/ bass/ keyboard?

A: Yes. For advice on buying a guitar, read my article on Choosing Your First Guitar HERE

Q: What if I can't attend?

A: A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed otherwise full fee will be charged. This is standard practice amonst RGT registered teachers- after all we plan our lives around our students so this is basic courtesy! I can offer HD video lessons via Skype and webcam, however

email:  or call 07736 045 414