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Lessons take place in a dedicated music room, facilities include 24 track digital recorder, a computer equipped with Cubase LE6 sequencer software, PowerTab, Tux Guitar and Guitar Pro transcription software, a wide variety of instruments including drums, bass, keyboards, steel- and nylon- strung acoustic and a variety of electric guitars, TV and DVD player and basic repair facilities. Lessons are generally one-on-one, although parents are welcome to sit in (often recommended for younger students).

I also offer remote lessons via Skype and HD webcam. Skype is a free to download utility that allows for video conferencing using webcams and is perfect for those struggling with transport!

Lesson prices are £24 per hour, £14 for half an hour (recommended for younger students) or £18 for 45 minutes.

Each student is an individual, with their own musical goals and influences, and as a teacher I view my job as instilling the skills necessary to help you, the student, reach those goals.

The ukulele is an instrument that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and has much to recommend it - cheap, highly portable, with a small size that makes it easy for kids to get their fingers around, and above all hugely good fun!

I teach beginner to intermediate/ advanced level covering

Chords and strumming patterns

Right hand picking patterns and rolls

Scale patterns, improvisation and repertoire

Music reading - chord charts, tablature and rhythm

The ability to play solo and also to gel with a band.

Music theory and ear training to enable the student to learn independently


Q: Do you offer grades?

A: Yes - the Registry Of Guitar Tutors offer a series of examinations up to Grade 3

Q: Do I need to read music?

A: Not necessarily- many successful musicians are poor readers. Mostly I teach my students how to read a chord chart, how to read rhythm and interpret tablature. I can teach them to read if the preference is expressed, but it's not a big part of playing the ukulele

Q: Do I need to buy any books?

A: My lesson plans are self contained so there is need to buy any extra books.

Q: Do I need my own ukulele?

A: Yes.

Q: What if I can't attend?

A: A minimum of 24 hours notice is needed otherwise full fee will be charged. This is standard practice amonst RGT registered teachers- after all we plan our lives around our students so this is basic courtesy! I can offer HD video lessons via Skype and webcam, however

email:  or call 07736 045 414