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Choosing Your First Guitar
A guide through the jungle of your local guitar shop to help find the instrument of your dreams..

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No Pain More Gain
A must read, this article highlights the dangers of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and provides some easy solutions
Practice Perfection
Get the most out of your practice time with these tips
Chromatic Wheel
Solve all your music theory problems with this handy device!

Bought Zero Point Guitar online? Download audio files here (warning - LARGE file, 243Mb)

Bought Zero Point Bass online? Download audio files here (warning - LARGE file)

Bought Zero Point Keyboards online? Download audio files here (warning - LARGE file)

Books & Lesson Packs

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ZERO POINT GUITAR - Now in it's second edition, upgraded with new and better graphics- still THE complete guide to becoming a complete all-round guitar player, all the way from holding the guitar through basic chords and rhythm skills all the way to blues and rock soloing, improvisation, USEFUL theory and how to figure out songs by ear. Essential stuff and the perfect companion guide to my lessons.




ZERO POINT BASS - Let's not forget the rhythm section! Zero Point Bass takes the aspiring bass player from zero to hero, learning the role of the bass, how to play with a drummer, how to slot into a band straight away, USEFUL theory and ear training.. and a few party tricks like slapping, tapping and so on. All you need to become a successful bass player! Second edition upgraded with new graphics and clearer formatting



ZERO POINT KEYBOARDS - Taking the student from absolute beginner, this book introduces the budding keyboard or piano player to everything they need to know to play chords, melodies, learn songs by ear, understand theory and create arrangements to fit into a band.



Progressive Guitar Training Pt.1 - Pentatonics - An exhaustive study of the most popular scale used by rock guitarists. Topics covered include diagonal and horizontal pentatonics and superimposition to create subtle modal sounds from everyone's favourite five notes! £3.99


Progressive Guitar Training Pt.2 -Major Scale & Modes

- A thorough but accessible study of the major scale and modes, demystifying a subject that many guitar players shy away from - enhance your playing today!



Interval Recognition Lesson - First stage ear training, this is a must to help develop your ear for music. Contains audio clips and instructional PDF. ZIP file format



Pentatonic Power Lesson - A lesson in how to get the best out of the simple scales and chord progressions already at your fingertips. Contains backing track and audio clips, as well as instructional PDF. ZIP file format




Songs For Syria 2013



Music - an original track by James showcasing the more melodic aspects of lead guitar. Features Steve Ward on drums




Backing track -A funky 12 bar blues in Dm for you to strut your pentatonic stuff over. Contains chord chart and scale suggestions.




Acoustic Moments- 10 classical pieces and popular songs arranged and performed on solo classical guitar. ZIP file containing MP3 and JPG artwork




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