The Alshanshi terrafirma Team in Dubai

First Post !

Alshamsi terra firma Dubai

Welcome to our newly updated website and new blog! It has been done in tandem with the updating of the UK site and creation of a one for a new terra firma enterprise in the Baltic States. Its exciting times for the company and good to view the vast range of work both completed and underway.

The world in Dubai

I have recently joined the Dubai office after gaining my Masters from the University of Sheffield and am really enjoying working on a variety of projects throughout Middle Eastern countries. Our diverse team consists of colleagues from all over the world, each with particular interests and specializations that make for a great team. My friend Jian Yuan sketched the cartoon below which celebrates this! We hope to regularly present our latest news and projects, and share more useful information about landscape areas. Why don’t you add our blog into your favourite list?

Best wishes, Yue

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